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Interesting Article Discuss about C++ console application

This article is about a project calledCritical Speed Calculatorwhich is done in C++. This project 

helps you to develop a basic C++ console application with visual studio 6.0 and it upgrades VC++ 

6.0 project to Visual Studio 2005 project. If you want to  know more about it please click the following 

For get More information     Visit Here

Exclusively for Cross Platforms C++ Application Development

 Entirely dedicated  forum  for   Cross Platforms     C++ Application Development.
Here you can query all your doubts related to The cross Platform c++ Application Development.You can post your doubts here and so you will get the expert opinion  about it.

   To get More  details Click Here

Develop Managed C++ applications using VC++

The program explains how to develop managed C++ applications using .NET framework and VC++ can use the video tutorial for the detailed explanation

See the link  Visit Here for more....

Develop IE addons/plug ins using VC++ and ATL

 Do you want to devolep an Add-on For IE .Do you feel miss comfort in creating this Add-ons. Its now easy guys.
You can refer the following link.It will help you to create an add-on with Video tutorial Help.
You can also Download the source code also

Do you want to get the page

Click here for more Details....

Component Object Module Application Devolepment

Create COM(Component Object Module) applications and call it from COM enabled applications. 
Are you intrested in creating Component Object Module FOR YOUR PROJECT.Do you need an easy way to get this Component Object Module .You can run this application with the help of Video tutorial.

Visit here for more.....

Develop applets in java using applet and swing

Do you know what is an applet?.Its is a program designed to be executed within another application.are you wish to build an run the applet in simple can just refer the following video tutorial to understand the applet creation 

do you want to get more informations   visit here for more....

How to create MS Office based addins or Microsoft application addins?

do you want to create an MS Office based add ins or Microsoft application add ins with the help of a video tutorial.if you are more interested to built an application with the help of a video tutorial.

click here to more info......


Do you heard about photonics?If you are unaware  of it just click on it and get more information about it

PHP Programming Tutorial

You  know the basics and advanced  information about php? Do you know how the php is suitable for your future programming ?

its the right time to check and click the following

IT Job

If you are a IT job seeker,Please visit the page

Create your own MS Outlook plug in using Visual Studio and C#.NET

Do you know MS Outlook is doing almost the same functionality as popular E Mail client programs  other than web mail.Its very easy to create your own Outlook plugin using visual studio.This will help you to find out how you can configure your MS Outlook plug in with the help of a video tutorial.
you can refer more about with this using the following link

visit the link to learn more

Advanced physics discussion forum

I think you  are looking for the physics and its advanced technologies.Are you eager to know more about the "basics and advanced physics"?

If you are an interested to know more about it please click the following link

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Here is a new platform to discuss technical topics...Experts opinions are mailed to you instantly..



VC++ Advanced Video Tutorials

This VC++ video tutorial is use full for understanding the VC++ language.This  section list some of the VC++ Intermediate video tutorials in easy steps. For further details please refer the below link


The best way to learn is to sharing the ideas you have....

Here we are providing a platform to discuss any general topics under the sun to others. You can find the answers in the forum itself...

Discussion details are mailed to you as it happens....


VB.NET Video Tutorials

This Video tutorial will gives idea about the VB.NET structure and styles.It will describes VB.NET in easy steps.Please use the below link

Frequently Asked Questions

if you have any doubts related to physics related topics just look following link

Video playlist for physics

while study for your physics related topics its better if you are watching with videos for study

VB programming Video Playlist

VB Programming Video Playlist will helps to understand the Visual Basic programming more detail.This video will describes the VB programming in easy steps.Use the below link for detailed reference.

Physics learning zone

To know more about information on physics please click the following link 

Visual Basic Programming Tutorals

VB programming tutorials will helps peoples to know more about the Visual Basic.This tutorial will describes Visual Basic programming in easy steps. For further details please use the below link.

vc++ basic application(Pipe designer)

Are you interested in the the development of  vc++ application?Its better you need to refer the following link how to devolep a basic vc++ application.

please refer the following link to know more about this

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Get the starting to the vc++ using the GCD finder software...

This gives an easy starting...



Are you stuck with gcc or g++ compiler??? Do you having doubts???

clarify it with a group of professionals...

A forum which discuss about gcc only...



How devolep a basic VC++ application(development of a gate)

           This project will also show you how to develop a basic VC++ application and it upgrades VC++ 6.0 project to Visual Studio 2005 project.
this will help you to get basic information about how to create a basic vc++ with an example
example: development of a gate with vc++

 Click here for more.....
How to create a Simple Interest Windows application in VC++.
Simple Interest calculation is explained in this program it uses using the MFC library.. It is a graphical user interface application that calculates the simple interest against the provided input.

view the link to create your program.


Why should prepare for an exam with paper garages when you are having the mock test itself with you???

Try it!!!

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Network Program in C#.NET
Make your own network applications in C#.NET using the following video tutorial. The program will help you to create client server/socket programming in C#.NET. Communication between two remote machines are explained in this program. 

Go to  the  following link and learn more....

Cross Platforms C++ Application Development

Do you have any doubt on how cross platform c++ application developed ?

its better you need to follow the following link in order to clarify your doubt

Get familiar with C++ Programming Language
Easy way to learn powerful programming language C++. The simple "helloworld" program will guide you to familiarize with the C++ development environment.

"helloworld " is  a console application program will display the output as hello world in the console.

follow the link below to learn more...

Fequently Asked Questions


 do you have any doubt related to the programming?its better you need to refer the "Frequently Asked Question" because whats all your common questions are already been answered in this section.

Please refer the following link to get your doubt 

Programming Video Playlist forum

Are you refer for the programming tutorial with video help.Its good to you to refer a video rather than a simple text in order to reduce your time wastage and to know the programming easily.

if you want more tutorials related to your program please refer the following link

Video Tutorials using C++ and VC++

Visual Basic Projects

Visual Basic  is an environment for developing graphical user interfaces applications.It is a very use full programming tool.If you want to see more application with the use of VB ,please use the following link

Programming Video tutorial forum

Do you need tutorial to help?yes you can refer the video tutorial for your programming.
Its very helpful for you because you can watch the tutorial with video rather than read the entire text.Its like a you tube link. you can download it and refer it.

If you want to know more about the following link 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Forum for C++

Here In this Forum ,it discussed all the topics  related to  C++.It covers  topics like gcc compiler,oop concepts,Standard Template library ,Pointers etc .
To Know more about the c++
Just click :

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Video Tutorial For Web Services

This is the era in which the boring classroom systems are becoming obsolete.

Now we are using e_materials for studying. Here is an easy way to study how to create and manipulate web services using c# and ASP .Net.

The best way to study is seeing!!!

See it...Learn It...


Exclusive Featured Projects

Tek-Tips provides some exclusive featured projects for you such as Android Studio.Catch this opertunity by clicking here

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Preparing for an exam was a tedious task in old days. Finding materials was not a big problem, but the real problem was to know how the exam is!!!

Here is an easy way to attend exams for various programming subjects. Mock exams are conducted based on time limits on the selected topics.

TRY IT !!! 

RASPBERRY PI For Beginners

Nowadays, small things make big changes to the entire world. Raspberry PI  is a tiny  embedded board .The processor at the heart of the Raspberry PI is Broadcom BCM2835 system on chip(SoC)  ARM x86 processor. 

      The early stages, the name of raspberry PI project was “ABC Micro”,  But later the name is finalized in to “RASPBERRY PI” .Why  Raspberry, because there’s long tradition of fruit names in computer companies , And PI is a mangling of Python .

For More Details. visit :

QT C++ projects

QT is a cross-platform Application framework which is used for developing either GUI application or non-GUI applications. If you have doubts about developing QT C++ project , visit the link

Project Related Topics

Are you looking for the  project?Yes this is the correct place.You can see the variety of fields like "computer related projects,Physics project" etc and more in computer related you have areas like c++ ,QT C++,vc++, android projects ,c#.NET "etc .

if you want to know more about this please visit this link


Why just stick on to paper reference materials, when you have the test in your finger tip???

 Now it is very easy to prepare for the gate exam!!! You can select The subject from wast collections...
10 minutes mock exams for easy preparations...

Grab it before it's too late!!! 

Just click on to:

Discussion forum for science and technologies

Discussion forums are the online discussion site where people can share their ideas, and learn from others views.You can discuss any topics related to science and technologies using following link

QT C++ Discussion Forum

QT C++ The cross-Platform language used with Windows and Mac.If you want to know more about this topics you are free to post your doubts int the given link.thus You will get expert clarification to that doubt within no time .

Do you have any doubt about QT C++.Please refer the following link.

C++ Beginners Tutorials

The concept of this Tutorial explain about Fundamental C++.It is very helpful to understand .To know more about  the concept logon ::

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Technical Video tutorials

Video tutorial is one of the best way to learn things. Video tutorials are less time consuming and user friendly than reading the document. You can find different video tutorials related with C++, C#, java, VC++, VB.NET, Android development, Operating system tasks, computer hardware configurations and other development tools from the link below here.

VC++ Application Currency Converter

An Interesting article about Currency Converter using VC++ .Its describe how converts different currency values to desired Indian rupees.To know more about the VC++ Application .   You can get the details about the forum from the link below....

Electrical Engineering Forum

Electrical engineering forums are very useful for getting wide area of knowledge about electrical engineering sections, and share your ideas and thoughts to the rest of the world.
 Here is a useful link

How to manage the index view

Do you want to know "how to manage the index view changed".its the right place you are searching for .
just click the following link to get more information

Learning Zone Forum

Learning Zone is the place where you can learn  Knowledge related to subjects like -Information Technology,Physics,Mathematics,Chemistry,Life Science,Mechanical Engineering,Electronics Engineering etc.Here you got the information about this subjects deeply to study and prepare for any examination .
For more information Please Visit this link

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Articles about C++

Normally Programming articles are repetitive but recently I read some articles about C++.It’s very helpful for me .If anyone interested to read and study c++   I suggest you to go through the following link ==>

Monday, August 19, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions about Computer Software

If anyone looking for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about 

Antivirus, Parallel Computing, operating System, Cloud Computing, 

Virtual Device Driver etc   is the right place it cover all related topic


Simple Application to find total surface area of a cylider

We can create different small applications using C++ such as finding the surface area and volume of different objects. Here is an article that shows how to find the total surface area of a cylinder using C++. This project helps you to develop a basic C++ console application with visual studio 6.0 and it upgrades VC++ 6.0 project to Visual Studio 2005 project.

click the below link

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Mathematics Learning Forum

Do you know the existence of the system is done by mathematics?Yes there is no doubt in that.All of the theories and innovations are being done with the help of mathematics.Without mathematics there is nothing exist as in theory. So do you want to know more about mathematics Please click the following link.

 sure it is beneficial for you!!

Please click the below link

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Free Computer Science and Engineering Forums

In the programming world, forum play an important role in clearing the doubts. Unfortunately there are not enough forums available in the net which can clear the doubts of the programmers/students. TekTips has an active forum in this category where you will be able to post your doubts. You can get the details about the forum from the link below..

Also please don't forget to watch the TekTips YouTube Channel from the link below.

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Welcome to TekTips Science and Technology Blog

Dear All,

Hearty welcome to all TekTips users to our blog.  This blog is created as a companion site which will aid you to search the information in TekTips fast. This will also act as the main entry points form search engines through which you can navigate to the original post and discussion forum.

TekTips website was created to aid the students and professionals who is taking science and technology courses from Indian based universities and colleges. Audiences form other countries will also find it useful as the core science and technology contents is same for everybody. You can get lot of articles, source code, projects, GATE Online exam to test your skils, other online exams to test your skills etc.

Unlike other technical sites and forums one of the specialty of this platform is tha you can get a lot of  "How to " video tutorials which you will never see in any of the other sites. 
See the link below for more details regarding TekTips Science and Technology Website Platform.

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