Sunday, August 11, 2013

Welcome to TekTips Science and Technology Blog

Dear All,

Hearty welcome to all TekTips users to our blog.  This blog is created as a companion site which will aid you to search the information in TekTips fast. This will also act as the main entry points form search engines through which you can navigate to the original post and discussion forum.

TekTips website was created to aid the students and professionals who is taking science and technology courses from Indian based universities and colleges. Audiences form other countries will also find it useful as the core science and technology contents is same for everybody. You can get lot of articles, source code, projects, GATE Online exam to test your skils, other online exams to test your skills etc.

Unlike other technical sites and forums one of the specialty of this platform is tha you can get a lot of  "How to " video tutorials which you will never see in any of the other sites. 
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