Wednesday, November 26, 2014

        New dimensions for IT Training in KTS Infotech

KTS Infotech is giving a new perspective for IT Training using their unique training Styles. It’s a very common sight these days , after months of training students and job seekers step into IT world with a ‘certificate’  but without gaining any practical knowledge. It’s a great loss of time, money and other resources for job seekers as well as for job providers .IT Companies have to give repeated training for the so called engineers or degree holders to make them fit for their job. So , here is the importance of getting trained from an institution like KTS Infotech.  It makes you capable in many programming languages thus helping you to get a prospective career in IT industry.

It is a common observation that , those who excel in C++ can handle any of the programming languages with ease and they also get placed easily without much effort compared to other technology specializations. But unfortunately C++ is a real nightmare for many IT aspirants.  But the scenario is different in KTS. You will Undoubtfully be confident enough to do a programme in C++ for yourself within two weeks of joining  KTS InfoTech training division.  Along with that, KTS also ensures training in various advanced technologies thereby helping them to mould a good career in IT Industry.

An IT aspirant after his/her successful completion of training from KTS Infotech has many doors open  in industry since they become experts in many core programming languages, especially C++. The training is led by Mr: Tom Thomas who has 14 years of experience in IT Industry. Along with that he is a Masters degree holder in both Physics and Computer Science. From his years of experience in IT Industry, Mr: Tom knows that successful execution of an IT Project is possible only if the team member knows various technologies. He  has prepared the training syllabus considering all these facts. For example, training syllabus comes with Multi-Platform combination like C++ and C# , C++ and VB.NET , Java and C++, etc which makes KTS unique from other training institutions.

Students who are also placed in IT companies through campus placements as well as other IT professionals can make use of training sessions (2 Day workshops / Weekend training programme/ Intership Program)  to upgrade their technical skills so that they will be able to get a better career  in the future.  

KTS Infotech is also one among the top rated service companies in international outsourcing sites like oDesk. They have successfully completed many projects around the globe. Apart from this, KTS has a number of software products successfully running in the market.

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